Graphic design and printing come hand in hand. If you do not have an in house graphic designer, you can choose to outsource both your graphic design and printing projects to us.
When it comes to graphic design, there are limitations and concerns in translating graphic design concepts into real life prints. As established printers, we understand these limitations and concerns and this is why if you outsource both your graphic design and printing services to us, you will get to enjoy hassle free projects, leaving you to focus on the more important things in your company.
Benefits of engaging us for graphic design:
No need to “ding dong” between your graphic designer and your printing company. Everything is done by one party.
No need to multiple revisions for your graphic design work due to printing concerns – we tackle these issues upfront.
One single party (us!) to deal with for all your one stop printing and graphic design needs.
Faster turnaround time for your project.
Your logo reflects your corporate identity. Apart from your company name to be used in your logo, the selection of the right colours also affect the message that your logo communicates.
The tricky portion of using colours is that not all colours can be easily translated to printing your logo out properly. There are various means (offset printing and digital printing) to print your logos on your marketing collateral and there are quite a lot of cases where the colour of the logo on your computer screen looks different from the printed version.
Leave your logo design to us
If you value your time, you should consider outsourcing your logo design work to us. As printers with a lot of experience, we tackle the colour problems upfront that your logo design project might face. This will save you a lot of unnecessary problems and hassle upfront.