At affordable pricing, we provide stunning full colour (or black and white) brochure and booklet printing in Singapore!
Usually customers print brochure in large quantity and due to cost efficiency, we recommend offset printing in printing brochures. Printing brochures is an effective way for your marketing campaigns. After all, providing your prospective customers with a beautifully designed piece of artwork communicating your products and services strikes an impression upon them.
Before you start working on your brochures, here’s some tips to help you make the process stress and hassle free!
Consider the size of the brochure you are going to print. This will affect your printing budget quite directly.
Use high resolution art work to ensure the printing output is good! Some new or freelance graphic designer actually forgets this.
Allow for “bleed” in your artwork design. For brochures with solid colour at the ends of the paper, bear in mind no printing machine can print to the extreme edges of the paper! the machines actually prints on a larger piece of paper and the paper is sent for “cutting” to achieve the desired size you want. Make sure your artwork caters to “bleeding” where you leave a margin for the printing company!
For printing brochure, the print quantity is usually larger and calls for offset printing, plan your marketing schedule ahead as this requires the printing company to setup the necessary work for your custom offset printing campaign. By providing adequate turnaround time, we can charge you the normal rate. But if you are really in a rush and are on a tight schedule – we can also work around the clock to meet your deadline. Contact us for pricing information.