Essentially in business, anything that carries your business image that your customers come in touch with warrants your 101% attention.
So you have spent a lot of time and money on your branding, creative and logo design – what’s next?
The next step is to look for a reliable printing company to translate that design from digital to print.
Many printing companies in Singapore are resellers of other printing companies. Over here, we have our own machines and a well-staffed team to handle your print job 24/7. In fact, you can feel free to drop by to see the printing infrastructure we have.
Essentially there are 2 types of printing available to any customers, namely offset printing and digital printing. The advancements in printing technologies brought exciting features and choices when it comes to printing. However together with this growth, we also see confusion among customers when it comes to bring their digital work to life.
The most common confusion faced by customers can be summed up in this question:
Digital Printing VS Offset Printing
Digital printing uses tone (just like your home laser printers) or any commercial printers that use liquid ink. The advantages of digital printing are that we can provide you with short turnaround time, we can vary certain elements of your print output (like different serial number per copy) and also the cost (due to the less labour and lower material cost involved).
Offset Printing uses printing plates that transfer the image (your printing data) and depending on the offset printer, that image is transferred onto sheets of paper. Different from digital printing where ink is transferred directly onto the paper, offset printing technology provides a superior advantage in printing when you need large quantity of print work done while maintaining good colour quality (through accurate colour reproduction) that makes your prints look professional.